Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

Brain patterns in the cerebal cortex part of the brain have been studied in hypnotised people. This has shown a decrease in activity in the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex (associated with the logical part of our brain) and an increase in right brain activity (associated with the creative part of our brain). This ties in nicely with the conscious mind being part of the left side of our brain and the subconscious being part of the right side.

Beta Waves – when we have physical alertness and conscious awareness. Cycles per second are around 14 -30

Alpha Waves – a light or hypnoid trance or meditation, a slowing down of the brain. Cycles per second are around 7 -14.

Theta Waves – experienced when falling asleep and awakening from sleep. It is Theta waves that are maintained during Hypnosis and deeper meditation. At this level behaviour can be modified. Cycles per second are around 4 – 7

Delta Waves – a profound relaxation and slowing of body functions, healing and cell regenerations and other necessary body functions. Associated also with deep, dreamless sleep. Cycles per second are around 3.5 – 5.

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